I-Tech Locksmith and Security of Arlington

Our Professional Locksmiths are experienced solving problems for almost any make, model, and year vehicle




One of our specialties is making car keys that are guaranteed to work just as well as the dealer's keys, often for 50% less than dealer prices, even for electronic or laser keys. We are one of the few locksmiths around that can make transponder keys (aka chip keys) as well as program them. I-Tech Locksmith and Security is also one of the few locksmith companies in the Arlington - Fort Worth area that cuts laser keys also known as side-milled, sidewinder, high-security, or lazer key blades. If you need a duplicate for these types of car keys, we can make them right there on the site. Our locksmith specialists are highly experienced in making keys also for Motorcycles and Mopeds.

Our professional locksmith technicians offer duplication, cutting and programming services for a wide variety of keys:

  • Transponder Keys

  • High-Security Laser Keys

  • Vehicle Remotes / Clickers / Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

  • Smart Keys/Push to Start Key/ Prox key/ Proximity Key Fob

  • Fobik (FOB) Keys

  • Keyless entry, High-security keys

  • Regular Metal Key

  • VAT System






Our professional locksmiths at I-Tech Locksmith and Security of Arlington repair car ignitions, replace ignitions and service all lockable parts of almost every model of car, truck, van, moped, airplane, boat, RV, ATV or motorcycle.

If someone attempted to force entry on your door or trunk, call us and we can assist to repair or replace the lock. We can also re-key your vehicle's doors and ignition. Common problems we repair:

  • Key won't turn/ignition stuck

  • Key won't go in ignition

  • Lock freely spinning in door

  • Punched door lock




Lost your keys? Can't find the spare? Don't pay to have your vehicle towed! Our Mobile Locksmiths will drive to your vehicle, and generate a key to fit your existing lock.

When you call I-Tech Locksmith and Security in Arlington TX, you are trusting us with your security. Your trust is of the utmost value to our family, and we promise to provide the most honest, reliable service we can. Be ready with your vehicle year, make, model, and in some cases, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Our skilled Locksmiths can re-create your original car keys using a variety of techniques:

  • Use VIN to make keys

  • Programming electronic car keys by PIN code

  • Cut car keys by key code

  • Impressioning vehicle locks

  • De-coding car lock

 Arlington I-Tech Locksmith Automotive Services Include:

  • Lockouts / Door Openings /Door unlocking 

    • car doors

    • car trunks

    • glove boxes

  • Key duplication

    • transponder (chip) key duplication

    • laser / lazer key duplication

  • Making lost keys

    • car keys, all makes and models!

    • motorcycles

    • mopeds

    • boats

    • planes

    • auto transponder keys

    • laser-cut keys

  • Lock re-keying

  • Extracting broken keys

  • Lock Changing

  • Lock Repair

  • Ignition repair and installation

  • Emergency jump-starts


  Additional services at Arlington I-Tech Locksmith and Security:

  • Re-key existing locks to match an existing Master Key System

  • Make keys for an existing lock, even if you lost the key

  • Duplicate and program car transponder (chip) keys

  • Make and program car transponder (chip) keys, even if you lost all the originals

  • Make and program laser cut keys, even if you lost all the originals

  • Service keyless entry (e.g. electronic keypad) systems




Our experienced Locksmith Specialists proudly servicing locks and ignitions on the following automobiles:


Acura / Freightliner / Lincoln / Porsche

Alfa Romeo / Geo / Mack Truck 

Audi / GMC Truck / Mazda / Rolls Royce 

Ford / Honda / Mercury / GM / Saturn

Buick / Hummer / Scion

BMW / Mercedes Benz 

Cadillac / Hyundai / Mini / Sterling

Chevrolet / Infiniti / Mitsubishi / Sterling Truck

Chrysler / Isuzu / Subaru

 Jaguar / Nissan /  Toyota

 Jeep / Oldsmobile / Triumph

Dodge / Kenworth / Peterbilt / Volkswagen

Kia / Volvo 

Ferrari / Land Rover 

 Lexus / Pontiac