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Safe opening, repair, combination changes and installing

Opening locked safes and damaged safes is a very specialized field, beyond the scope of most locksmiths. There are numerous reasons why people cannot get into their locked safe – lost combination, numbers known but dialing sequence unknown, lock failure, damage from break-in, dried up lubrication gumming up the moving parts, fired re-lockers, disconnected boltworks, door jammed for one reason or another – the list goes on.

If you have a safe that you cannot get open, knowing the manufacturer, model and type of lock are very important. 

If you require assistance with opening your locked or broken safe, please call I-Tech Locksmith and Security and our properly trained safe technicians will be happy to open your damaged or locked safe at a reasonable price.

Our residential locksmith services in Arlington - Fort Worth Area include the following as well:

  • Installation of high security locks

  • Repair and replace locks on your doors

  • Doors repairs

  • Burglary damage repairs

  • Restricted keys

  • Rekey

  • Home lockout

  • Apartment lockout

  • Building lockout

  • Padlocks removal

  • Vehicle lockout

  • Key creation in case of lost keys

  • Door lockout

  • Key duplication

  • Unlock vehicle

  • Unlock house and more








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